The Finisher of Half Bath

The Finisher of Half Bath


Unique structure, instead of the western or basin type
● Chair-type design optimized for long lower body baths
Chair designed to comfortably support weight
● 100×53×61cm(W×L×H)
● Minimizes space usage as one sits instead of lying
● Proper for city residential environment.
● Available for large frames with large interior spaces, due to simplification of straight lines.(no problem even for people who are 185cm in height)

● The only half-bathtub combined with a foot bath
● Foot bath 25ℓ, half bath 80~90ℓ
● Water level adjustment for the lower body volume (around 40ℓ)
● The only half-bathtub that can be easily used in the room
● Semi-permanent with solid durability
● Made of harmless and thermal PE material
● Stopper hanger hook · part hanger hook · connector, and other convenient features
● Our products do not even require A/S as they are equipped with B/S supplies, developed by the company

1. Rubber pad
- Non-slip pad for slippery bathroom floor
- Fitted on the front bottom of the bathtub

2. Bathtub stopper (Spare)
- Spare stopper to prepare for loss or damage

3. Shower line connector
- Connector to link to the hose instead of shower head, releasing the shower head
- Useful for supplying warm water to the bathtub and also for car wash and watering gardens

4. Drain connector
- Hose connector to supply warm water to the bathtub placed in a living room or bedroom, etc.
By altering the end cap (developed by the company), neat as the size fit for the bathtub width, you can save more space
● Unique design award, side drainage to lower the bathtub height Residual water remains 1 spoonful (8cc) around the waste channel
● A discomfort of slightly raising the front of the bathtub or wiping it with a towel
● Perfect realization of a sensational idea regarding bathtubs which should be long for lying and half bathtubs that should be short for sitting
● Economical health keeper that saves bathtub costs with warm water cost savings
● Matches well with any bathrooms with elegant white or pink marble tone
● Light weight, 12kg, that can support up to 100kg
● Despite its compact size, even people as tall as 185cm can feel comfortable