21C Korean New Bath Culture

Lower-Body Bathing, 21C Korean New Bath Culture



In the authentic records of the Joseon Dynasty, there's a record from 300 years ago, when warm water bathing might have been a luxury culturefor only a minority of noblemen, which says that King Sukjong of Joseon Dynasty took a warm bath of the lower body below the belly button in order to cure leg pain.

This lower-body bathing has become popular in the 21C as healthy bathing.

In Japan, since the book of a doctor, Shindo Yoshiharu's 「Lower-body bathing, a healthy bathing method effective for all diseases」 became the bestseller, lower-body bathing became a trend in many homes.

In Korea, since a public medical broadcast program by KBS, 「Secret of Saengrobyeongsa」, broadcasted in two sessions regarding the effects of lower-body bathing to promote health, it has become a trend and settled as a new bathing culture.

Now in each home as well as in the public baths, lower-body bathing became a new custom where people sit around the bathtub.

Korean bathing culture which foreign tourists are often surprised at and interested in when they visit Korea is, First, a Sansuke culture. Second, almost all Korean people enjoy lower-body bathing.

Lots of CEOs including Samsung·politicians·celebrities usually take lower-body bathing and support it.

Now, lower-body bathing has been practiced by many people of Japan and Korea, as well as China, which will soon become the bathing culture of the world and will be loved as healthy beauty treatment.