Lower-body bathing

What is Lower-body bathing?



The upper body(+) is full of heat and energy(+), while the lower body(-) lacks them. Accordingly, the temperature of the upper body is high, while the temperature of the lower body(-) is low, which is an imbalance of temperature, cold constitution, and the cause of diseases.
According to the Holland doctor of 18C, Hermann Boerhaave, 「Keep your head cold, keep your feet warm, and you will laugh at all doctors」. Also, Dumubyeong naengtong(頭無病冷通), Bokmubyeong yeoltong(腹無病熱通), in the oriental medicine, that is, to keep the head cold and the abdomen warm would keep you healthy, explain the effectiveness of lower-body bathing.
In Oriental Medicine, the heart is ‘Yang(Positive)’ and the kidney is ‘Eum(Negative)’, therefore, it is healthy when energy circulation is in good order and the balance of temperature is maintained. When the Yang energy goes down and the Eum energy goes up. On the other hand, those who have hypothermia which includes temperature below 35℃, and those whose lower body temperature is far lower than the upper body, get sick and have bad blood circulation.

Full baths retains the imbalance of upper·lower body temperature, since the temperature of the upper and lower body goes up together. Also, as the upper body temperature goes up to almost 40℃, the organs cannot stand the high temperature. At over 42℃, the cells are destroyed. Therefore, it is not easy to take full baths for over 10 minutes.

However, lower-body bathing is perspiratory bathing that injects heat only into the lower body while lowering upper body heat. Accordingly, it is possible to take long baths that are over 20~30 minutes while, keeping the balance of upper and lower body temperature.

When taking lower-body baths, the upper body temperature goes down as the body temperature rises, to keep balance of the body temperature. Here, sweat pours out like rain, due to energetic blood circulation within the body. During this time, the sweat has the same components as that from exercise.

This way, lower-body bathing has the effect of managing a clean body. It also promotes disease prevention and healing through temperature up as well as excellent beauty effects through body waste emission and energetic blood circulation.